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The inadequacy of housing for low and middle-income classes, especially the African youth, opens up a unique gap that HA hopes to fill. The level of exclusion that cuts across the continent in terms of finance for housing has far-reaching implications for quality of life. We offer direct consultation and calls to prospective homeowners to discuss their plan towards financing their homes and charting a pathway to achieving this.

HA offers a unique opportunity to support financiers and customers of affordable housing finance towards bridging the finance gap that makes quality housing inadequate or unavailable across Africa. HA builds a case for financing affordable housing while engaging those who are actively involved in shaping public and private sector interactions towards achieving more affordable housing finance options for Africa. HA would be offering data, reports, research and information about African housing markets that would bolster the investment appetite for housing financiers.

We provide data presentation and reporting sessions that are information-driven and designed to build linkages between housing financiers and end-users.

Our Strengths


Digital Business Growth


Team Capacity


Market Readiness

Data Reporting

Quarterly case study reports on major affordable housing finance products across African regions.


Providing information to public sector decision-makers who facilitate affordable finance projects.


Data analytics to support prospective homeowners in the search for affordable finance options.

Product Advisory

Data analytics and consultation to support financiers towards product development.

Lead Generation

Consultation sessions/webinars for individuals and low-income earners across Africa.


Affordable Housing finance blog and email newsletters that promote new products across markets.

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