Our Drive

We consider Affordable homes to be critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. As such our social impact is measured according to the number of registered users of our platforms who eventually connect with affordable housing solutions within the space of 1-3 years.
Goal 11, ‘Sustainable Cites and Communities’, has the objective of making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. HA’s mission is directly and indirectly linked to the aims of SDG 11. We recognize through our work how affordable homes impact on other development indicators and offer a compelling sustainable solution to many SDGs. We know that helping households to find safe and secure homes directly addresses poverty (SDG 1). We are also able to, instead of curing diseases, prevent their spread as more people live in decent spaces (SDG 3). The economic impacts of housing are encompassing, it serves even the objectives of opportunities for decent work and economic growth (SDG 8). Directly, greater entrepreneurial opportunities and job security becomes a reality for homeowners.



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